Buzz Words

Some classic phrases recorded from Adam's working life. Most come from a particular project manager on a particular project, which are, together, responsible for any grey hairs on Adam's head.

Buzz Words: they're true, I swear...
Saying Context Meaning
As Buzz Aldrin once saidÖ As a preamble into the most famous Neil Armstrong quote. I, alone amongst the 6bn odd people on the planet, donít know who the first man on the moon was.
Iíve been to church every day During a discussion of System Acceptance. Clearly Iím trying to be funny, but really Iím saying I donít know what to do and donít want you to charge my employer damages and get me the sack, or sued.
The documentation spider web Used to refer to more than one Project document. I donít know the correct name, due date or relevance of any Project document. I see them as a big spiderís web that Iím stuck in and I need you to get me the Bug Spray.
Iím happy if something goes wrong with that - Iím happy because I donít really understand the issue but if something goes wrong Iíll just blag it until someone else fixes it for me.
I sign these things; sometimes I read them Discussion, unbelievably with the customer, about the documentation spider web, where he approves the documents that are delivered. Thereís a whole lot of stuff going on and being delivered to you, but if the documents are rubbish itís not my fault.
The last 13 Ĺ months Discussing the history of the project. All this stuff has gone on that I donít know about or understand and I havenít bothered to find out or get a grip of it, but surely itís all behind us anyway and doesnít matter anymore.
Bit hard to know, and I donít give a toss - I donít know and I donít care and you canít make me.
Itís dubious, but Iím happy with dubious In response to a question regarding readiness for Acceptance. If I keep baffling them with nonsense maybe theyíll stop asking me questions I canít answer.
Reading the tea leaves Trying to second guess the customer. Iíll guess what the customer wants and do that, rather than working out what I actually have to do, which is a bit hard.
Gazing into the crystal ball - Much like reading the tea leaves.
March on Motivational mantra of what we need to do. We may be heading for the cliff, but letís keep going, Iím sure itíll turn out alright in the end.
Things are just starting to come together Describing the project, at several consecutive weekly briefings, things were always Ďjust starting to come togetherí. I donít want to worry you, or myself, but thereís still a shed load of work to do.

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