Buzz Words

Some classic phrases recorded from Adam's working life. Most come from a particular project manager on a particular project, which are, together, responsible for any grey hairs on Adam's head.

Buzz Words: they're true, I swear...
Saying Context Meaning
Donít worry your pretty little head about it A suggestion made to the customer during a formal System review meeting. Youíll like me more if I josh with you.
Give us a nod and a wink - Look, Iím happy to do the wrong thing if you intimate that its ok and that you wonít grieve me about it later.
Iím a pussycat, but within striking distance Describing himself as a project manager. -
Ah, for sure Ubiquitous reply to any statement. Youíre telling me something I donít know and donít really understand, but theyíre paying me a disgustingly large amount of money and Iím meant to be in charge, so I may as well look as if Iím on top of it anyway.
Well, yes and no In response to any direct question. I donít really know, but this is my preamble into an obfuscation of the issue via a torrent of nonsense.
Itís not black and white The kneejerk response to any attempt to pin him down to a yes or no. See yes and no.
Let it through to the keeper - -
Itís all witchcraft While waving his hands over a printout from Microsoft Project. I donít understand this schedule and Iíve no intention of trying
First cab off the rank - -
Getting our ducks in a row - -
The devil is in the detail - -
They forgot to put the nose wheel down Part of a, supposedly amusing, anecdote about a crash landing at Sydney airport. I donít understand how planes work

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