Buzz Words

Some classic phrases recorded from Adam's working life. Most come from a particular project manager on a particular project, which are, together, responsible for any grey hairs on Adam's head.

Buzz Words: they're true, I swear...
Saying Context Meaning
Ra, ra, ra Generally used when he canít be bothered to read the rest of a message or he runs out of words. Blah, blah, blah
Wank, wank - See ra, ra, ra.
Itís the eleventh bullet that gets you - -
Hit me with your rhythm stick - -
Take the burrs off Various Referring to putting the finishing touches on a body of work.
I sit at my desk and I fiddle these numbers, but theyíre all wrong In reference to the Project Schedule. I tried working on Kenís schedule, but I mucked up the numbers and it wouldnít work for me. So I tried to make my own schedule using witchcraft, but I didnít put in all the tasks because it was too hard to understand the dependencies. Now I have this real
Grey zone - I donít know, why are you asking me? Presumably something to do with things not being black and white.
Final act of this play - -
Chihuahuas and gorillas - Problems can be Chihuahuas and are small, noisy and annoying. Or they can be gorillas and be quiet, apparently passive then rip your head off. And Chihuahuas can become gorillas, but itís not altogether clear how this happens.
We take some of these risks, but itís very hard to know which is the right or the wrong one - -
Iím not the slightest bit interested - -
Without being able to say yes, Iím saying yes - -

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