Buzz Words

Some classic phrases recorded from Adam's working life. Most come from a particular project manager on a particular project, which are, together, responsible for any grey hairs on Adam's head.

Buzz Words: they're true, I swear...
Saying Context Meaning
Itís sorta good news, but itís terrible news - -
Which is mostly, entirely boring - -
Itís a choochoo train of endless work - -
A waste of a few heartbeats. - Describing how important something wasnít.
Weíre on the home straight, but with an awfully long way to go Describing the Projectís status. A variation on just starting to come together?
Weíre on the runway - -
I donít see a customer, I see a thousand customers Under pressure to take a stand on an issue with the Customer. Stop picking on me! You intimidate me, they intimidate me when will it end?
30,000 hours Describing the amount of work put into the project before he joined. Hereís a good reason for me not knowing whatís going on. See also The last 13 Ĺ months.
Not too bad Ė Note that too is pronounced tooo The standard reply to Ďsomeí question, presumably something complex like Ďhow are you?í, whenever he starts a phone conversation. I canít be bothered to work out whether Iím actually fine or not, so let me just say the same thing every time and I wouldnít want to commit to anything too positive anyway.
So ok, itís treacherous, but weíre vaguely hanging in there Describing the status of 2DR. Iím trying to sound positive after being pulled reluctantly out of my LaLa Land to face reality.
FQT is a religious experience. Explaining that you donít dryrun the FQT, but you dryrun the STDs Well, itís much the same thing, really.
I make this decision every day of the week, but I havenít made it yet - Iím a bit confused and donít know which way to turn.

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