Buzz Words

Some classic phrases recorded from Adam's working life. Most come from a particular project manager on a particular project, which are, together, responsible for any grey hairs on Adam's head.

Buzz Words: they're true, I swear...
Saying Context Meaning
Weíll run the gauntlet - Not sure if itís the right thing to do or not, but weíll march on anyway Ė mostly because I canít think of anything else and canít be bothered to work out what the right thing might be.
Iíve spoken to Adam, not directly, but itís my understandingÖ Build up to FQT, assessing the scope of changes I donít have the faintest idea of what the hell is going on but need to feed some bull to the customer, what can I say?
Iím two levels above all that Build up to FQT, assessing the scope of changes I donít have the faintest idea what this project is about and donít want to be associated with anything that might not be ontime or successful. Is my pointyhair sticking up alright?
I'm just missing the full stop on the end of the Pascal program. Making sure that our ducks are in a row, while warning about the devil in the detail If I try and look like I understand this geeky stuff, will you all like and respect me?
TypicallyÖ Used extensively. Often when launching into a long explanation of something, normally at the whiteboard. Itís an attempt to make the other person feel like an idiot because they really ought to know how this sort of thing works. It is typically incorrect.
I donít really want to have an opinion Discussing the time customer witnessed testing should start. I donít want anyone to be able to point the finger at me and say I was responsible for anything on the AMTS project.
Weíre within striking distance Providing a status assessment Donít know Ė think it must be something to do with us being on the home straight, but nothing to do with him being a pussycat.
I donít know whatís going on Providing a status assessment A surprisingly frank and honest assessmentÖ
There are alternatives, like panic. When discussing the options available to address a slipping schedule. Iíve run out of ideas, how about you guys?
I donít understand the buzzwords like ďgraphicsĒ. When being told what is involved with creating a build. Iím making a joke which I hope will make you like me. See Donít worry your pretty little head about it.
Iím confident that PhilÖ When somebody else is doing something that he hopes will work out so that he doesnít have to do anything about it. No more than a vague idea about the issues involved, no interest in finding out what the issues are, and, God, I hope Phil has sorted it all out.
It could be hours awayÖ When something we promised weíd do is expected. I hope it shows up shortly, otherwise someone will bully me again.

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