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Abbreviation of Australian.
See also: Australian


See Two Up


Abbreviation of Aborigine. Widely regarded as, at best, derogatory and offensive. Even if you hear a local use it, you shouldn't see that as an invitation to use it yourself. As this is a very sensitive area, your best bet, by far, is to refer to, the more PC, indigenous people(s).


The foundation of 'stralian, and so this book, is the shortening of a word or phrase. However, it would be impractical to attempt to list them all, although you'll find a fair sprinkling herein, and more are invented everyday anyway, so good luck to you.


The Australian Capital Territory. At federation, the States and Territories couldn't stop squabling over where the capital should be, so they made a new territory and a new city just for it.


Australian Football League, or Aussie rules. Those who don't follow this sport, in NSW, for example, where they only have one team, refer to it with a rather derogatory air as "aerial ping-pong".
See also: NSW

Amber fluid

See Beer

Ankle Biter

Small child.

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