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You don't need to worry if you're just visiting. However, if you live in Australia then these buggers are probably eating your house.


Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

Apple Islander

Someone from Tasmania.
See also: Interstate


If it was down to the Australians, then the film the Remains of the Day would have been more succinctly named "the Arvo". This refers to any time between lunch and when the sun sets.


Of, or belonging to, Australia. Australians are fiercely patriotic and understandably so. You will see many things marked as Australian owned or made and probably 'proudly' or even 'genuinely' so. Even the stuff from Taiwan will probably be marked as ‘packed in Australia’. To buy or use anything else may be regarded as close to treason.

Bananna Bender

Someone from Queensland


BBQ, however you want to spell it. Usually gas fired and, in an Australian version of keeping up with the Jones’s, becoming ludicrous items. The top of the range varieties are the size of a small shed with built in fridges and look like you just feed the cows in from one end and grab the steaks from the other.


Fantastic, extremely good.  As in "you beauty".  Also abbreviated to beaut. You may also hear “Beauty Newk”, where Newk is an abbreviation of John Newcombe, a tennis great and so legend, apparently this is one of those advertisement catch phrases that has entered the language.
See also: Legend

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