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Served cold into glasses fresh from the fridge. So don't be surprised to see a pub advertising that they serve "the coldest beer in town", not always simply to disguise the taste, or lack thereof, but because it can be bloody hot outside.  Despite the UK stereotype, some Australian beers are rather good and anyway, whatever you think, always say it is delicious and strong.


Australians have a huge country to roam in and inventive souls have developed a series of 'big' attractions to draw the unwary a few hundred kilometres out of their way and get them to spend a few of those tourist dollars.  So, there's the Big Pineapple, two Big Cows and the Big Banana, most of them are simply mock-ups of the appropriate fruit or animal plonked by the side of the road.  They are largely based on produce; for example there's a Big Avocado at somewhere called Tropical Fruit World. Although a daggy name, it's better than its previous incarnation - Avocadoland.  Australians visit these 'big' attractions more than overseas tourists - so give one a go, but avoid those just tacked onto diners or servos, like the Prawn, or Oyster.
See also: Daggy , Servo


A watering hole


I'm sure its origins relate to a particular plant, but now a generic term meaning any nasty, i.e. prickly, plant that lurks in the grass, waiting to pierce the sole of any unwary, bare footed, walker.  Therefore, usually proceeded by a choice profanity.


Australian man, insert your stereotypical picture here.


The great Australian adjective.




A stranger or newcomer - you in other words.

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