'stralian for Poms

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If you don't know whether to stroke, eat or sleep with your dooner, then this book is for you.
With the focus on the myriad differences between American and English, summarised in the famous "two nations separated by a common language" quote, the unwary traveller to Australia may be forgiven for thinking that they're linguistically safe. However, this book is here to tell you that it isn't necessarily so.
Hopefully, this book will point out a few of the pitfalls to be aware of and to translate a few of the more obscure words and phrases you may come across.
The abbreviation is the cornerstone of the Australian use of the English language. If in any doubt, then you should shorten alternate words, adding 'o' to them, sprinkle a few punctuating 'mates' and you'll soon fit right in.
Whilst little effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein. The author and any publisher of this work, but particularly the author, accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever, not even a bit, for any confusion, awkwardness, embarrassment, fist fights or other outcomes that might arise from any errors, omissions, other discrepancies or even the few things I got right, contained within this book. Of course should such an outcome be positive, the author is happy to take the credit.