Why Nest of Vipers?

Nest of Vipers is taken from the BBC television sitcom Fawlty Towers (1975–1979), which was written by John Cleese and Connie Booth.

In the unlikely event that you are unfamilier with Fawlty Towers, it revolves around a Torquay hotel run by Basil Fawlty (played by John Cleese) and his wife Sybil (Prunella Scales). Basil and Sybil's marriage is illustrated by the following exchange, which comes from the episode "The Hotel Inspectors":

I would find it a bit easier to cope with some of the cretins we get in here, my little Nest of Vipers, if I got just a smidgen of co-operation from you.
Co-operation? That's a laugh. The day you co-operate, you'll be in a wooden box. I've never heard such rudeness.

While not, in any way, suggesting that Adam or Leah resemble Basil or Sybil, or that there is any similarity in the marriages, Adam has been known, on occasion, to refer to Leah as his little Nest of Vipers.

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